Who we are

7 juin 2017

Member of the Federation of Mechanical engineering industries (FIM), the CISMA is a professional organization. The trade association gathers businesses based in Europe that conceive, produce and sell equipments for Construction, Infrastructure building, the steel industry and Handling; it also includes suppliers of components and equipments made specifically for these materials.
Today the CISMA is big of 200 members - SME, SMI and subsidiaries of international groups - that employ around 31 000 people in France. These businesses export 58% of their production and generate a revenue of 7,9 billion Euros.
Read more about our environment : Cisma's Key Figures 2016.

In this context of globalization and commercial exchange growth, the CISMA intends to perform 4 essential goals :

  • Bring together the actors of the trade
  • Defend the interests of its members
  • Advise the people in charge
  • Develop the different sectors of activity.

Our professional sphere

Our missions