Crawler excavators >12 tons - French market


Over the first four months, sales of crawler excavator grew by 4% in France compared to the same period last year. Mini excavators were up 2,1%. Sales of crawler excavators between 6 to 12 tons rose by 16%. Moreover, there has been a remarkable increase in crawler excavator > 12 tons sales over the same period. With more than 800 units sold, the French market grew by 7%.

Of course, these good results are to be linked to the several infrastructure investments in works around the country. However, regarding crawler excavators >12tons market, the best performance has been reached in the region of Paris mostly in response to the ‘Greater Paris’ initiative. This region alone accounts for more than 15% of the total market.

The setting up of the “Grand Paris” is accelerating, more and more projects are starting. As a reminder, the “Société du Grand Paris” plans to invest an amount of 3.5 billion euros in 2019, which represents an increase of approximately 40% compared to 2018. This rise should continue until 2020 (amount of investment forecasted at 4.5 billion euros: about +30%) and stabilize at this level afterwards.

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